Online Issues for Committee 3

The Issue Of The Ethics Of Drones

Fully aware of the variety of different uses that drones have and will be used for more frequently in the future; for example recreation, education, drug trafficking, warfare, emergency services,
surveillance, entertainment, business, and research
Emphasising that the majority of drone usage is for recreational and photographic purposes
Recognising that over 80,000 military surveillance drones and almost 2,000 attack drones
are predicted to be sold over the next ten years, and already around 100 countries have the technology.
Appreciating that there is an estimated increase in the global drone market from $22.5 billion
in 2020 to exceed $42.8 billion by 2025.
Aware of the potential that unmanned aircraft can infringe on people’s rights to privacy in some cases.
Stressing the difficulty to monitor and catch illegal drone users
Bearing in mind the readily available nature of drones, and how they are easily accessible to the public

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The issue of bio-terrorism

Acknowledging the previous history of bio terrorism attacks and the devastation they cause, including the 2001 Anthrax Attacks and more recent Salisbury Nerve Agent attack and the potential attack concerning Alexei Navalny:
Recognising the high number of deaths that bio-terrorism has produced, including 5 killed and 17 injured in the Anthrax Attacks;
Deeply concerned that greater technology can lead to more vicious types of bio-terrorism, including the development of more dangerous nerve agents and infectious diseases, and continuing work on bio-terrorism which began in the Cold War;
Acknowledging the effort that has already been put in by member states to prevent bio-terrorism, but has been significantly limited and slow in the response and has not been fast enough:

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