Online Issues For Committee 1

The Issue of Instability in the USA

Alarmed by the recent protests on the Capitol, sparked by allegations of widespread voter
Expressing support for fair and free elections and UN support for democratic elections;
Draws the attention of member nations to the state of the US economy and the increased
likelihood of coups and civil unrest that economic instability can bring, along with the large
impact on other economies due to the USA’s role as a global trader;
Guided by previous depressions and periods of instability, the UN emphasizes the need for
economic relief in a state with 25.7 million workers unemployed and with the significant
economic losses the economy faced in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic;
Fully alarmed by the rising racial tensions in the USA which are exacerbated by the
pandemic and economic uncertainty;
Declaring the need for support from the UN and other member nations to prevent a global
crisis starting in the USA:
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The issue of Jerusalem

Deeply concerned by the rising tensions in Jerusalem, especially between Israel and
Palestine, and the removal of the US as a mediator in the last 4 years;
Bearing in mind the historic divides between the Islamic and Jewish communities, and
desiring the peaceful negotiation of a two-state solution;
Seeking to reaffirm that the city of Jerusalem should be controlled by neither Israel or
Palestine, as set out by the UN in Resolution 181;
Noting with deep concern the rising racial and religious tensions worldwide, especially in the
Middle East and the potential persecution which it may lead to;
Expressing support for the UNRWA UN Body in light of the increased hostility from Israel
and the movement of some embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in breach of the spirit of a
two-state solution:

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