Online Issues For Committee 2

The Issue of Tackling the Climate Crisis during Covid-19

Recognising that since lock-down and aspects of social distancing have been put in place, it
is hard for pressure groups to protest while still keeping safe;
Emphasising that the use of non-reusable items is on the rise due to the aforementioned
social distancing rules put in place and the requirement to sanitise objects;
Realising that even though fewer people are going out, there has been an increased use of
cars to avoid contact with other humans on public transport;
Recognising that while governments are focused on the pandemic, they may be too
distracted to evaluate and act on the climate crisis that is still going on in the background;
Stressing that during the pandemic we have an opportunity to change our behaviour – we
could for example create better public transport lines or recommend including less meat
within families’ diet while we have more time for baking:

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The Issue of Responding to Natural Disasters

Deeply concerned by the rising frequency of natural disasters globally, due to climate
change and global warming;
Noting with satisfaction an average decrease in fatalities from natural disasters in
more developed countries and the role of NGOs in responding to disasters in less
developed countries;
Emphasising the need for individuals to prepare for natural disasters in affected
regions, with assistance from governments and charitable organisations;
Alarmed by the increased impact that natural disasters have in less developed
regions, expressed through higher death rates and difficulty in rebuilding

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