Online Issues for Committee 4

The issue of education during and following the Covid Crisis

Acknowledging that many students have been unable to access education remotely due to limited access to technology and other resources, especially in less developed areas;
Noting with regret the limited amount of financial support available for the educational sector in many countries;
Concerned by the hundreds of millions of children who have been affected by the loss of school meals and other health nutrition services;
Alarmed that an estimated 23.8 million children may not continue to go to school next year due to the economic impact of the pandemic;
Conscious that there are many women who cannot go back to school due to forced marriages and pregnancy;
Recognising the rising levels of disparity between LEDCS and MEDCS and increasing rates of poverty:
Deeply concerned by the increasing rates of mental health problems and mental illnesses
among younger age groups, especially alarmed by the rise of mental health issues in
children under 12 possibly related to the lack of interactions at school and the reduction in

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The issue of the Right to Protest

Recognising that Article 20 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that:
‘Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.’
Emphasising the importance of the right to protest to prevent further oppression of further human rights and infringement to democracy;
Aware of many protests recently within the USA which have been violent, such as the
invasion of the American Capitol Building, and which have therefore been damaging to the
state: Understanding populations around the world have their rights impeded by governing bodies
labelling protest and political opposition to be treason

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