Online Issues for Committee 5

The Issue of Suicide Prevention

Alarmed by the significant rise in suicide related deaths in recent months, the UN would like to put in place some actions to halt these numbers;
Highlights nations strong efforts to counter declining mental health in Corona-virus lock-downs;
Draws attention to the rising suicide rates, with spikes in male groups reaching peaks higher than in the last 18 years and the usually more stable age range of 10-24 year olds have been rising since 2010;
Emphasises consideration for wider spread impacts on declining mental health: unemployment rises, loss of family, isolation and domestic violence rise.

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The Issue of Terrorism in Relation to Social Media

Recognises that many people are using social media to spread terrorist messages.
Emphasises the importance of prevention of terrorism and spread of terrorist messages.
Alarmed by rising numbers of horrific events being live streamed or similar in order to spread terrorist ideologies and fear.
Highlights the fact that despite countries and social media sites having policies in place terrorism is still allowed to be spread before it is taken down.

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