Online Issues for Committee 6

The issue of the depletion of fish stocks and marine conservation

Aware of the fact that nearly 90% of the world marine fish stocks are fully exploited, over-exploited or depleted;
Declaring that over-fishing is a global issue that is endangering the entire food chain and ecosystem;
Noting with regret that many marine species have declined by 49% in recent decades;
Deeply alarmed by the fact that harmful fishery subsidiaries are worth more than 20 billion dollars a year, further feeding the destruction and exploitation of marine life;
Recognising the need for the implementation of a global partnership between member states to conserve and protect all marine life and to limit fishing in international waters;
Realising that marine conservation is necessary in order to preserve balance in the food chain and the environment as a whole:

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The issue of the persecution of Uighur Muslims 

WARNING: We understand this is a very sensitive issue as there is currently a mass genocide and extreme discrimination occurring in China, however we feel that these issues must be discussed to gain further insight and aid education to help prevent this from happening again. This debate must be done seriously, no joke clauses and no trivialising of this issue. If anyone is disrespectful, then they will be asked to leave.

Alarmed by the suspected 380 re-education camps in China which are being used in the persecution of Uighur Muslims;

Deeply concerned that around 30 million Uighur Muslims are currently detained due to their ethnic identity;
Declaring that every human being should be treated equally no matter what their ethnicity, and stresses the need for continued investigations in China in order to uncover the truth of what is happening;
Emphasising the need for member states to respond quickly and appropriately to consolidate appeal for ethnic equality and especially to help protect those in China;
Desiring the expansion of preventative actions and measures to help free detained victims in China:

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