Online Issues for Committee 7

The Issue of the Elimination of Discrimination

Alarmed that In 2019 103,379 hate crimes were recorded in England an increase of 10% compared with 2018 when 94,121 offences were recorded;
Deeply concerned that 60% of over 100,000 violent hate crimes in the USA are motivated by race, ethnicity and ancestry;
Appalled that black men in the US receive sentences that are 19.1% longer than those of white men convicted for the same crimes with black people making up 13% of the US population but representing about 40% of the prison population and once arrested black people are convicted almost 20% more often than white people;
Commending the work of the early UN Security Council in dealing with large-scale race- related international issues such as apartheid with Resolutions 138 and resolution 3068:

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The issue of Misinformation and The Press During The Pandemic

Concerned by ill-informed conspiracy theories linking the rollout of 5G technology to the spread of the pandemic, even escalating to the extent that telecommunications infrastructure is reported to have been attacked and that the UK government was forced to go so far as to issue a rebuttal of these fake claims;
Disgusted by pro-government media outlets broadcasting conspiracy-themed content aimed at domestic and foreign audiences, notably around the origin of the outbreak;
Noting with the deepest concern the use of Covid-19 vaccination and testing phishing scams which offer a huge threat to public security and deploring the fact that vaccines against COVID-19 could run the risk of falling victim to fake news by reducing the number of people who will join the vaccination campaigns;
Particularly conscious of the fact that mass media and social networks have always been fundamental in the management of health-related information and the reduction or propagation of panic whilst bearing in mind the increasingly notable use of large computer systems and bots to spread false information regarding the pandemic;
Taking note of the possible racially motivated discrimination that could arise from false conspiracy theories spread by the media;
Welcoming debate upon the rights of states to censor media which is harmful to local, regional, national and international health policies and resistance development;
Fully believing that better coordination between the medical community, governments, and the mass media is therefore needed to avoid the spread of disinformation through different channels, limiting the dissemination of fake news and thereby better engaging the general public:

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