Sample Resolution

Submitted by: United Kingdom

Issue: The Question of Syria

Deeply concerned about the continued violence in Syria,
Pleased by the new cooperation amongst opposition factions,
Disappointed with Russia and China's refusal to allow a rapid diplomatic solution to the conflict,
Acknowledges efforts made by many member states to encourage an end to the conflict,
1) Condemns in the strongest possible terms the continued and escalating violence and human rights abuses in Syria;
2) Commends the work of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces in bringing together different opposition factions;
3) Calls for all member states to recognise the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces as the sole legitimate representative of Syria;
4) Suggests that once recognised, the coalition refer senior regime officials to the ICC to allow investigation into war crimes and human rights abuses;
5) Demands that the Syrian government increase the rate of release of all prisoners who have been detained for illegitimate reasons, to be monitored by the U.N. office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights;
6) Urges both sides to allow the free movement of both aid organisations and media throughout the country, protected by U.N. peacekeeping troops;
7) Approves the deployment of missile defence systems in Turkey along the Syrian border to defend against stray artillery strikes;
8) Requests member states to increase aid donations to Syria, proportional to their economic situation, as determined by the IMF;
9) Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.