Welcome to the Technical section for MUNCH 21!

While the delegates are debating and the chairs are chairing, the Tech Team are hard at work behind the scenes.

Our team is made up of students from across the years; all able, knowledgeable, and keen to take part. Together we make sure you're heard through your microphones, and seen through the projectors (because we know how much you love your time on the big screen!). We of course like to keep things running smoothly, though things are destined to go wrong! And when they do, you can bet we'll be working as fast as we can to get the show back on the road.

If you come across one of us and need some technical help with a computer, speakers, projector or whatnot, don't be afraid to ask! We’ll always do our best to get the debates going again as soon as possible. If you need assistance and can't see one of us, ask your chairs and they will be able to get hold of us.

We hope everything goes smoothly and well for you. Enjoy your weekend!

Matthew Jackson, Head of Tech,

Megan Upton Deputy Head of Tech and Artistic Director.

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