Individual Awards

The awards for individual delegates at MUNCH are:

  • Commended Delegate
  • Highly Commended Delegate
  • Best Young Delegate
  • Outstanding Delegate

These are awarded in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Accurate representation of the policies and opinions of your country
  • Submission of resolutions and amendments for debate
  • Demonstration of consensus building and intelligent flexibility in order to reach a compromise
  • Knowledge of parliamentary procedure
  • Overall behaviour during debate and throughout the course of the conference

Delegation Awards

The following awards will be presented to delegations:

  • Best Delegation in the General Assembly (Crisis)
  • Best Delegation in the Human Rights Forum (Crisis)
  • Best Delegation in the Climate Change Forum (Crisis)
  • Commended Delegation
  • Highly Commended Delegation
  • Outstanding Delegation

The decision of the Secretaries General regarding these awards is based on the following criteria:

  • A high standard of debate from all members of the delegation
  • Excellent representation of your country's views
  • Good contribution in the General Assembly