Welcome to the Infrastructure section for MUNCH 21!

In this section we are going to tell you a little bit about what we do for MUNCH. The short of it is that we run the entire show from behind the scenes, helping with the coordination, planning and overseeing of the entire event right from start to finish, working closely with the Technical Team and the main Organising Committee, so you can have a great time coming here to debate.

As a team, we are dedicated and work hard to be the ‘guardian angels’ of the event. We are the people that make sure that everything runs smoothly. There’s never a dull moment for us, as we make sure that when you come here for MUNCH weekend you’ll have the most awesome day possible.

If we’re not working in our office, you’ll notice us as we walk around the school. Generally we’ll be dressed in sharp suits with shiny new name badges and walkie-talkies, checking up on the many different committee rooms and areas that we have to monitor. So if you need anything during your time at the conference, don’t hesitate to ask (we don’t bite, honestly!) and we will help you out.

We hope everything goes smoothly and well for you. Enjoy your weekend!

Isabelle Marsh, Event Manager

Josh Chalk, Head of Secretariat

And all the rest of the Infrastructure Team

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