Security Council – MUNCH 21

The topics for the Security Council are:

The Issue of Corruption within the Police Service

The Issue of the Ongoing Yemeni Civil War

The President of this Council is Isobel Barfoot.

Welcome to Security Council! As the most influential of all the committees we discuss some of the most pressing and wide reaching security issues of the modern world. There are a few special differences between Security Council and the other committees: the P5 get veto powers, and they often leave the room to discuss the clauses separately and we also get to use demanding clauses rather than just requests and suggestions. Security Council is for more experienced delegates who want a challenge as we debate clause by clause and so can spend extra time picking apart a resolution than in the other committees which means you have to make them completely water tight!

This year we will be debating The Yemeni civil war and the issue of police corruption. These are modern day issues which are incredibly important as they affect real people right now. The ongoing Yemeni civil war is very significant as it has caused starvation, deprivation, and conflict within Yemen, it is still going on to this day and so couldn't be more relevant. The issue of police corruption is another hard topic to resolve, it is much more wide spread than is presumed, even in developed nations, so I wish you a good time researching and finding out initiatives to solve these current world problems.

The President of Security Council,

Matthew Jackson


All resolutions should be emailed to before 23.59 on Thursday 7th October, as well as a physical copy brought in on the day.


The countries with seats on the Security Council are:













Saint Vincent and the Grenadines